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You Never Disappoint dan
Wed Aug 29, 2018 1:54pm

From your FBI link "The act of handwriting is mastered through practice and repetition. Once this occurs, writers focus on the subject matter rather than the physical act of writing and deviate from the copybook form, interjecting their own individual characteristics. The writing becomes a pattern of subconscious, habitual formations that are repeated from one writing to the next (Hilton 1982; Huber 1999)" Did you catch that last part? "repeated from one writing to the next."

In other words, everyone has their own style of writing. These two documents are not from the same person. Have I been trained in Have you? Im assuming not. However, over the years, grading papers, etc..I have seen over 5,000 different styles of student's handwriting.They each had unique characteristics that could be recognized. They also didn't suddenly start doing it in a different style. I've had to investigate students forging parent signatures and have learned to recognize forging.

Of course people sometimes write slightly different, but it is in their own style. You say handwriting changes over time? Look at both these documents in full. Look at how many obvious differences there are. All of these style changes would have happened in a two week period of time. lol

Im sure you won't answer this question, but what made you say the Santiago Ryan signature was bad if everyone writes differently each time?

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