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Daniel Buck
let's not have kittens, bad for the health (nm)
Wed Aug 29, 2018 4:03pm

  • You don't know what the point is......Really? Go back and read my posts. Ill spell it out for you since your slow. These documents are not done by the same person. Want to prove me wrong? Hire... more
    • let's not have kittens, bad for the health (nm) — Daniel Buck, Wed Aug 29 4:03pm
      • kittens scratchneglib, Wed Aug 29 4:47pm
        Dan, Chris has a good points that makes me chuckle too. Heaven forbid for inquiry. Address his points rather than replying with a non-answer and then we all can learn and move on. Regards, Brett
      • Clever comebackChrisV, Wed Aug 29 4:17pm
        Thats right come up with a clever comeback and runaway. Id spend my time trying to explain myself
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