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Re: The Two Full Documents
Wed Aug 29, 2018 4:14pm

Pics from Leaving Cholila Buck and Meadows

  • The Two Full DocumentsChrisV, Wed Aug 29 4:13pm
    Study them. Look at the crazy loops in the May document. Look like something Ryan would do? Compare the words "to" and "the" They do not look like the other documents. Theres more, but ill let you... more
    • Re: The Two Full Documents — ChrisV, Wed Aug 29 4:14pm
      • Habitual FormationsChrisV, Wed Aug 29 5:51pm
        Comparing the May 1, 1905 document's word "to" to the Aug 1902 document's word "to" Seems the person writing "to" in the May doc. is confused. Only writes "to" twice, but neither comes close to... more
        • Wyo State Archives Butch Sig.ChrisV, Thu Aug 30 5:14am
          For people who haven't seen. Butch's signature at the Wy State Archives. IMO authentic.
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