Daniel Buck
autographs vs. signatures
Thu Aug 30, 2018 3:35am

good observation, the difference between autographs and signatures, though the words are often informally used interchangeably.

Pawn Stars, which I watch occasionally, is of course a scripted program. written for drama and, normally, a neat resolution. The experts generally have definitive opinions, as opposed to in real life where experts often disagree. Diametrically opposed handwriting savants are not uncommon. That's what trials are all about.

And as well, experts who blunder, experts who do not know what they are talking about: http://haulsofshame.com/blog/?p=26228

Even the best go awry. Ace forger Mark Hofmann claimed to have unloaded half a million dollars worth of forgeries on Charles Hamilton, in his day a preeminent questioned document shamus. Hamilton himself declared a bunch of Harry Truman letters as forgeries because he said they they were anachronistically written in ball point. Turns out, Truman was an early user of the ball point pen.

Nonetheless, I like Pawn Stars, if only as a reminder, caveat emptor.

Much has been written, by the way, on Abraham Lincoln's various signatures, his and those legally signed for him by others. There's a cottage industry in Lincoln signature analysis.


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  • But these aren't autographs.
    • autographs vs. signatures — Daniel Buck, Thu Aug 30 3:35am
    • Re: graphologist vs. questioned document examinervince garcia, Thu Aug 30 3:30am
      Yes they are. They're signatures. Same exact thing.
      • When I visit an elderly friend in the nursing home where she lives I must sign in at the desk before my visit. In no way is my style of writing signing a check for example, the same as my sign-in... more
      • I agree (nm)ChrisV, Thu Aug 30 4:13am
      • yes & noDaniel Buck, Thu Aug 30 3:44am
        Vince, our posts crossed in the Internet, so to speak. Are autographs signatures; are signatures autographs? The correct answer is, as in so many cases, yes and no. They each represent a person's... more
        • Re: yes & noDeborah, Thu Aug 30 10:19am
        • Expert in EverythingChrisV, Thu Aug 30 4:46am
          Dan is the only person on earth who is an expert in everything, yet cant answer simple questions about the Wild Bunch. Why did you debunk the Santiago Ryan signature (chestnut stallion receipt ) ?
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