Daniel Buck
yes & no
Thu Aug 30, 2018 3:44am

our posts crossed in the Internet, so to speak. Are autographs signatures; are signatures autographs? The correct answer is, as in so many cases, yes and no. They each represent a person's name, but for different purposes, and in different formats. (Even signatures differ, as in on checks, Christmas cards, credit card receipts, wills, love letters, and so on.)

For one thing, autographs and signatures have different purposes; for another they usually look different. In our era, one could even add that an autograph is signed with a Sharpie at a meet and greet, while a signature is signed with a pen in the privacy of one's home. Dan

  • Re: graphologist vs. questioned document examinervince garcia, Thu Aug 30 3:30am
    Yes they are. They're signatures. Same exact thing.
    • yes & no — Daniel Buck, Thu Aug 30 3:44am
      • Re: yes & noDeborah, Thu Aug 30 10:19am
      • Expert in EverythingChrisV, Thu Aug 30 4:46am
        Dan is the only person on earth who is an expert in everything, yet cant answer simple questions about the Wild Bunch. Why did you debunk the Santiago Ryan signature (chestnut stallion receipt ) ?
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