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Re: dadaesque forensics
Thu Aug 30, 2018 5:13pm

Thats nice that your book was done in such an impartial way. Ive noticed that about you, always listening to others and presenting both sides. Thanks dan

Your still bringing up the RR photo. You debunked it long ago. I was silly to have wasted effort on it. I guess I should thank you for correcting me, Brett, the forensic expert, and all the people who think it is them for being wrong. The next time she is on Discovery channel, ill make sure she gives a shout out. Thank you.

BTW Its Alberto, not Albert and you think that Milton Roberts wrote the document? We can put $ on it if you like? I could really use the money. The document is written by someone other than dear old Milton. Which is strange. A government official, who cant even do his own paperwork.

I don't think you got why I put the HA Signature/JP Ryan undated document up. I didn't want to cherry pick and only take the bad and give the impression there were no good documents. That is actually something you would do to prove a point. If you noticed I didn't say anything was wrong with it. In fact, I have no problems with it.

I notice no comment about the John(Juan) signature. Kind of an inconvenient fact isn't it?t The comparison is not even close is it... That comes from an expert, not me.

  • dadaesque forensicsDaniel Buck, Thu Aug 30 3:44pm
    Not sure if you understand the Digging Up Butch and Sundance narrative structure. The story is told via anecdotes and interviews, some of them contradictory. It's a story unfolding as people tell... more
    • Re: dadaesque forensicsChrisV, Fri Aug 31 5:00am
      Butch and John Gardner were BFF's right? I think we both agree on that. Here is a bigger shot of the land document. If Gardner wasn't there, it would be logical Butch would have signed for him. He... more
      • Re: dadaesque forensicsDaniel Buck, Fri Aug 31 5:13am
        Chris, Butch Cassidy and John Gardner were BFFs? I did not know that. For those of you without access to the, BFF means either Best Friends Forever or Big Fat F**k. Either way,... more
        • Page 11 of your own bookChrisV, Fri Aug 31 6:09am
          This shouldn't be a shock to you as its in your book. You wrote that Butch and Gardner grew quite close. They were even magazine buddies. haha Gardner hated Sundance.... Strange that they would be... more
        • fight or flightChrisV, Fri Aug 31 5:57am
          You didn't know they were friends? You might want to study up on Wild Bunch history and your comebacks.
    • Re: dadaesque forensicsDeborah, Thu Aug 30 7:36pm
      It looks like an A and that the pen/ink skipped at the uppermost curve. It also looks as though it was done left to right as the ink looks trailed off and feathered on the bottom left of the A.
    • Re: dadaesque forensics — ChrisV, Thu Aug 30 5:13pm
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