vince garcia
Re: graphologist vs. questioned document examiner
Thu Aug 30, 2018 5:57pm

That's really irrelevant. The point is, the way a person signs their name--if they are famous--has certain characteristics. Now if it so happens that they sign docs differently than fan letters (I think Disney may have done that), it's the responsibility of the expert to research and know that, which is why he gets certified to make determinations for insurance purposes, and the way he usually does that is by comparing signatures of what are accepted as known authentic sigs with newly discovered ones.

Not everyone has different ways of signing. My scrawl is identical, whatever I'm signing

  • When I visit an elderly friend in the nursing home where she lives I must sign in at the desk before my visit. In no way is my style of writing signing a check for example, the same as my sign-in... more
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