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Re: Spoiling a Good Yarn...
Thu Aug 30, 2018 7:46pm

We didn't clear that up. The November 5, 1901 document is a poorly done forgery. The other undated document is fine IMO but should still be looked at by a expert.

As far as John Gardner's signatures, no I don't believe that someone else signed his name. Nor do I think that Milton Roberts needed two testigos on a basic brand document, or that he needed someone to fill out his paperwork, or that whoever filled out the document accidentally put H. as Underwood's initial. Wheres a government stamp on this document? All the others Ive seen have stamps and do not have two witnesses vouching for the government official.

Take a look at your nine pound pile. Im sure you will see documents where other people signed for absent people and made note of it. The undated land document on this thread has an example where JC Perry is signing for George P Perry.

  • Re: Spoiling a Good Yarn...Daniel Buck, Thu Aug 30 6:53pm
    I'm glad we cleared that up, that H.A. Place actually signed the November 1901 document. I didn't mention the two Gardner signatures because I thought I'd caused you enough angina for the day. People ... more
    • Re: Spoiling a Good Yarn...Anonymous, Thu Aug 30 8:15pm
      The Nov 1901 signature matches the undocumented scribble on a piece of paper that anyone could have planted in the Pinkerton file. How convenient. I think that sums up the similarity. I'm glad you've ... more
      • what I wrote vs. what you postedDaniel Buck, Fri Aug 31 4:21am
        What I wrote: "People do put each others names on documents, on petitions, open letters, for example, especially in an early 1900s frontier region where not every one is accessible. Another even more ... more
        • CNNChrisV, Fri Aug 31 5:20am
          Lets see the estancia horse purchase. Never seen it You forgot to mention the July 18, 1901 document the pair sign giving D Brand authority to work on their behalf. Very important for your theory.... more
      • You never disappoint ChrisV, Thu Aug 30 8:23pm
        "I'm glad you've acknowledged the likelihood that BC and SK didn't sign the 1901 docs in person because they weren't accessible. Hmm, I wonder where they could be? No witnesses in 1901, only signed... more
    • Re: Spoiling a Good Yarn... — ChrisV, Thu Aug 30 7:46pm
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