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Fri Aug 31, 2018 5:20am

Lets see the estancia horse purchase. Never seen it

You forgot to mention the July 18, 1901 document the pair sign giving D Brand authority to work on their behalf. Very important for your theory.

The 1901 brand filings were done by D Brand. You should like that, as he's acting on behalf of people aren't around, thus no 1901 eyewitnesses

The Pinkerton files I have seen have Butch and Sundance somewhere else in 1901 ;)

I might add the number of eyewitnesses who see the pair in the good old USA in 1901 ;) ZERO in Argentina

  • what I wrote vs. what you postedDaniel Buck, Fri Aug 31 4:21am
    What I wrote: "People do put each others names on documents, on petitions, open letters, for example, especially in an early 1900s frontier region where not every one is accessible. Another even more ... more
    • CNN — ChrisV, Fri Aug 31 5:20am
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