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The Party's Over
Sat Sep 1, 2018 8:54am

The three individuals in the Tea Party photo are supposed to be Sundance, Butch, and Etta. How anyone can say its Butch or Etta is beyond me. Provenance or no provenance. The guy that supposed to be Butch looks like Hannibal Lecter...not Butch. The cabin in the background at first glance looks like their cabin, but I have not been convinced. Others have said it is the back of the cabin, but Ive seen no proof....just excuses.

 photo acabin_zpsonqt1wxd.jpg

Cabin camparison. Notice the height of windows from ground and size. Not the same. Again if the excuse its from the backside, please provide proof.

 photo acabin backside_zpsjyxabkkw.jpg

 photo acabinbackside2_zpsvh6qgguw.jpg

backside. Door, window, and logs are different than tea party

 photo teaparty1_zps5qomphjs.jpg

The guy everyone think is Sundance. looks similar, but his mustache is shading. I guess he could have shaved it, but I don't think its him. Nose is not his and ears sticking out, which SK did not have

 photo teaparty2_zpsbjze1jqf.jpg

"Etta" errrr Bride of Frankenstein. Not her

 photo teaparty3_zps8eiz4uqz.jpg

"Butch" Not him by a long shot

Provenance or no provenance all this photo shows is three people sitting in front of a cabin. Not the trios cabin nor the two outlaws and Etta.

 photo chollila-ranch_zpsvf8n55up.jpg

    • Re: The Party's OverJuha, Sun Sep 2 12:43am
      Butch seems to have a goatee, and Kid's photo is taken directly from the front (unlike the WB photo) so the roman nose is not showing.
      • Re: The Party's OverChrisv, Sun Sep 2 8:42am
        I think your right on the. beard. Good eye Nose on butch or Sundance are not right among other things
    • Re: The Party's OverDeborah, Sat Sep 1 4:18pm
      Hairlines are identical in both younger and older shots. All cheekbones identical. I don't see that Sundance's left ear is sticking out. Butch always was butt ugly anyway and even more so as he aged. ... more
      • Re: The Party's Overvince garcia, Sun Sep 2 3:43am
        Deborah--you are in a rather small group if you think EP was not beautiful. Her beauty is regularly attested to by historians. And even one of her Latin neighbors, referring to her looks, said "She... more
        • Re: The Party's OverDeborah, Sun Sep 2 7:24am
          I just see a bland, no-big-deal face and messy hair. About her disappearance, I've always thought that fate settled her hash in the SF earthquake.
          • Re: The Party's Overvince garcia, Sun Sep 2 9:34am
            That may be what you see. Your view is in the minority as I've tried to point out. I also dislike the music of Adele. I'm in the minority there myself Not impossible you're right about SF but we... more
            • Re: The Party's OverDeborah, Sun Sep 2 11:48am
              I see no reason to believe that Etta survived. Wanted posters were up as far away is Tahiti. No matter what color she may have have dyed that messy mop, she would have been recognized somewhere,... more
              • Re: The Party's Overvince garcia, Sun Sep 2 1:28pm
                You're making her far more famous than she was. Wanted posters of her weren't posted on every wall. I doubt 1 of 100 people ever heard of her. Even if you search newspapers for her name, very few... more
                • Ettajim lynch, Sun Sep 2 5:59pm
                  The family that I have been in contact with for over ten years now all say she came to Alberta Ca in 1921. That family has done dna just this year. Hopeful by triangulation we can find her.
                  • Etta's Penmanshipvince garcia, Fri Sep 7 11:09am
                    Here is a question--can we look at her signature and see anything about it that would Indicate a Canadian style of penmanship? I don't know if they had a different sort of style or not
                  • Re: Ettavince garcia, Fri Sep 7 11:08am
                    good to hear!
                • Re: The Party's OverDeborah , Sun Sep 2 2:14pm
                  Even now when a person utterly disappears it's because the individual is dead.
                  • Re: The Party's Overvince garcia, Sun Sep 2 3:02pm
                    Now is not a hundred years ago when it was infinitely easier to start over when there was no such things as SSNs, computer records, and so on. Joe Smith could become Bill Brown simply by moving to... more
    • Re: The Party's OverDaniel Buck, Sat Sep 1 11:39am
      Chris, you are comparing two different cabins. The original cabin and the modern cabin are not the same structures, so of course they look different, because they are different. The original cabin is ... more
      • Demolition DanChrisV, Mon Sep 3 4:59pm
        "An effort was launched last year to renovate the cabin and turn it into a tourist attraction, Cholila officials, however, impatient to see the cabin rebuilt quickly soon clashed with local residents ... more
      • Demolition DanChrisV, Mon Sep 3 2:50pm
        "In the early 2000s, the entire cabin was demolished and a new version erected that only loosely resembled the old cabin. Among the historic inaccuracies, the modern version included the... more
      • Re: The Party's OverChrisV, Sat Sep 1 12:51pm
        If they didn't rebuild it the same, that is a shame. Ill look into it. Lets just go off the original photos from the time period. The tea party is from the westside you say, before the addition. The... more
        • Inspector Javert visits the windows Daniel Buck, Sat Sep 1 1:35pm
          You will "look into it"? Look into what, that you could not tell the difference between the original cabin and the modern version? It's obvious. By the way, window size & placement on log cabins can... more
      • correctionDaniel Buck, Sat Sep 1 12:18pm
        CORRECTION: the Tea Party photo was taken in front of the west side of the cabin, and the jinetes photo was taken in front of the east side.
    • Re: The Party's Overvince garcia, Sat Sep 1 10:29am
      The guy does look like Butch. Any confusion IMO is caused by a bad photo and shadows. I once did a blend-in (no longer have it) and was satisfied it is him. For provenance you have the fact SD sent... more
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