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Demolition Dan
Mon Sep 3, 2018 4:59pm

"An effort was launched last year to renovate the cabin and turn it into a tourist attraction, Cholila officials, however, impatient to see the cabin rebuilt quickly soon clashed with local residents favoring a historically correct renovation. An architect trained in historic preservation was dismissed and the project turned over to a local contractor who demolished the old cabin and reconstructed it, using as many of the original materials as possible, but adding anachronistic features. For example, he built the new structure on a concrete foundation, added a wooden floor (the original had been dirt), installed non-period hardware, and chinked the logs with clay instead of the original wedges. The famous double-hung windows ("ventanas en guillotina") are now double-hung shutters."

Dan's 2006 article. Where's the part about the doors and windows being put in different places. Not seeing that. Sounds like they were trying to use as many original parts too. From the pics I see, the wood chinking was done in the renovation, not clay, though not original.

  • Re: The Party's OverDaniel Buck, Sat Sep 1 11:39am
    Chris, you are comparing two different cabins. The original cabin and the modern cabin are not the same structures, so of course they look different, because they are different. The original cabin is ... more
    • Demolition Dan — ChrisV, Mon Sep 3 4:59pm
    • Demolition DanChrisV, Mon Sep 3 2:50pm
      "In the early 2000s, the entire cabin was demolished and a new version erected that only loosely resembled the old cabin. Among the historic inaccuracies, the modern version included the... more
    • Re: The Party's OverChrisV, Sat Sep 1 12:51pm
      If they didn't rebuild it the same, that is a shame. Ill look into it. Lets just go off the original photos from the time period. The tea party is from the westside you say, before the addition. The... more
      • Inspector Javert visits the windows Daniel Buck, Sat Sep 1 1:35pm
        You will "look into it"? Look into what, that you could not tell the difference between the original cabin and the modern version? It's obvious. By the way, window size & placement on log cabins can... more
    • correctionDaniel Buck, Sat Sep 1 12:18pm
      CORRECTION: the Tea Party photo was taken in front of the west side of the cabin, and the jinetes photo was taken in front of the east side.
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