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Turn out the Lights.....
Tue Sep 4, 2018 2:54pm

 photo acabinoldwestplain copy_zpsmcnyo5ye.jpg

Right photo, is obviously the Tea Party photo. Left photo is the west side of the cabana being restored. The additional room was added after Tea Party supposedly. The door is obscured by the addition, but it is there, drawn in green. Window is obscured by a tree, which has been outlined. You will see close ups of everything further down the thread. Dan painted us a picture that the renovation loosely resembled the original. I beg to differ. Don’t believe me? Compare the renovation pictures with the pre construction process in the attached website. The Ryan and Place cabin was one step from disappearing. It desperately needed renovation. And Dan before you start crying about me using restoration photos, the restoration is very close to the original for what point I am trying to get across.
 photo acabinoldwest copy_zpso1gvz3lj.jpg


The left side of the Tea Party cabin is cut off, but we can still see how long it is from the roof line. It is much shorter than the Ryan y Place cabin. I highlighted where it ends in green. There is no way it has enough room to include the extra length shown in the original Ryan and Place cabin

 photo cabinjoints copy_zpshsso6vjm.jpg

The building joints that are in the Ryan y Place cabin do not show up in the Tea Party photo. Since this is part of the “bones of the house” I do not see how it could not show up on the Tea Party photo if it’s the same cabin. Cant wait to hear the excuses…”Oh it’s a poor photo blah blah blah” The photo is good enough to see that its not there. The example shown shows perpendicular logs forming a wall inside the house and logs being joined to extend the length of the house. No such logs are seen in the Tea Party photo.

 photo cabinwindow copy_zpsu2od2cgb.jpg


The window opening in the Ryan y Place cabin looks the same size as the rest of the windows, including all the windows in the front. It’s a large window opening, coming close to the ground and close to the roofline. The Tea Party windows are smaller. The one to the left does not appear to be a 4 over 4 design. It appears to have wooden shutters instead of glass. The window has a much bigger space between the top of the roofline and the bottom of the ground compared to the original cabin openings. The window is smaller. Not the same as the Ryan and Place cabin.

 photo cabindoor_zpsxwhdaeib.jpg


The Ryan y Place cabin door is built with the height of the door coming close to the base of the ceiling trusses. The trusses can easily be seen sticking out perpendicular to the door opening and outside wall. The Tea Party door has a large gap between the top of the door and the roofline. No perpendicular truss logs can be seen. It also appears that there may be a tall threshold in front of the door made out of the base log of the structure. The Ryan and Place cabin doesn’t have a threshold that I can see.

 photo cabincorner copy_zpsx0aosksm.jpg


The corner where the logs from the side of the outlaw cabin come together with the west side of the outlaw cabin appear to be in a different style than the Tea Party corner’s. The outlaw’s corner has mostly horizontal rectangles and horizontal ovals to lock the logs together. The Tea Party corner appears to be mostly vertical rectangles. From what I can see from the poor quality photo, the logs sizes, order, etc…do not appear the same either.
I encourage everyone to look at the photos on the site. Notice it is not as bad as Dan painted., “In the early 2000s, the entire cabin was demolished and a new version erected that only loosely resembled the old cabin. Among the historic inaccuracies, the modern version included the anachronistic extension, it was build on a concrete apron, and, most importantly, the doors and windows were not only different (e.g., double-hung wooden shutters instead of 4-over-4 double-hung windows), they were arranged in different places.” Look into yourself and see if Dan is telling the truth. In my opinion, they did a great job restoring it. History of the cabin was close to being lost forever

Lets try and come up with better excuses this time ☺ ….. Dan whatever you do don’t say “Does it matter, not really" like you did with your fake Sanitago signature. Have you tried putting it on ebay? Lots of suckers on that site too. lol Oh wait. As usual, you only have a copy. Never mind.

Heres the site. Great pictures

    • Wrong side of the houseBob Goodwin, Wed Sep 12 6:25am
      Chris, this is all the wrong side of the house see my original post reprinted here" Initially I have believed that the Jinetes photo of the riders, and the Tea Party photos were taken on opposite... more
    • Apples to Apples - Oranges to OrangesBob Goodwin, Thu Sep 6 9:37am
      Dan has a point, it does no good to compare the post 2005 cabin with either of the two early 1900's photos. The cabin was rebuilt. Better to compare the early photos with pre-reconstruction photos.... more
      • Lincoln LogsChrisV, Thu Sep 6 9:48am
        Ill check these out. Thanks Bob. Ive compared both pre and post and don't see a lot of difference. Most of the logs are same. They've been rechinked, but from what I can see, same length etc... for... more
    • early 1900s apples vs early 2000s orangesDaniel Buck, Wed Sep 5 12:09pm
      Chris, Let's start at the beginning. You are comparing apples and oranges. You are comparing the early 1900s Wild Bunch cabin with an early 2000s completely reconstructed cabin, using new and old... more
      • Time to admit...ChrisV, Sun Sep 9 6:47am
        Id really like to hear your excuses for what Ive shown. If you cant do that, step up and admit your wrong. The cabin is not the Butch/SK cabin
      • Cabin now out of the equation ChrisV, Fri Sep 7 6:23pm
        No need to look at cabin anymore. If its not their cabin, is it even Butch, SK, and Etta? Hmmmm should I look into that too dan? ;) FYI For Mark* I photoshopped this picture. Its not real.
      • Did you not like the photo I posted?
      • So Im not confused anymoreChrisV, Thu Sep 6 4:58am
        I know my drawing isn't the best, but thats the basic layout correct? Im a slow guy so if I missed something please correct me. I don't want to be confused anymore. Id like to spend my time playing... more
      • I seeChrisV, Wed Sep 5 3:16pm
        ok. I think I have it right....So like this?
        • RE:Bob Goodwin, Wed Sep 12 6:41am
          This is the front side of the cabin, not the back side of the cabin where the newer side addition was made. Also, it depicts the cabin before the addition of the bedroom was made to the right side of ... more
    • RE: Turn out the lightsAnonymous, Wed Sep 5 6:12am
      Chris, Thanks for really looking into this. I think your research clears up a lot of the misinformation and people's 2-second analysis on the subject. Regards Brett
    • Wrong again Lumpy Mark A Mszanski, Wed Sep 5 4:47am
      If you look at the original ( even as a cheap xerox ) of the building the joints are present to the right of the photo. The photo is taken with with the sun blasting almost directly into the faces of ... more
      • Mark*ChrisV, Wed Sep 5 5:09am
        Ive missed you buddy. Ready to answer some geography questions? Anyway, your excuses are way off. The sun is not "blasting into the faces of Butch, Etta, and Sundance" Do you know what shadows are... more
        • The New Structure Mark, Wed Sep 5 5:31am
          You should go to google earth and look at the new structure that is not comparable to the old structure as they are two different structures entirely. Please refer to the previous discussions on this ... more
          • Re: The New Structure ChrisV, Wed Sep 5 6:02am
            We can go with the pre construction pics if you want (which I included on the joints and corners). Those are 100% in the right location, as I think the remodel is as well. Look at "The Riders" photo... more
            • 2d Mark A Mszanski, Wed Sep 5 6:49am
              The original Tea Party photo is by definition in 2d not 3d . There are several problems with the image. I say image as it is not the original photo. I have had two photographers look at it whom I... more
              • The Provenance is BS. Proof it ! (nm)Pat, Thu Sep 6 7:02am
              • Re: 2d ChrisV, Wed Sep 5 7:15am
                Yes, its a crappy copy. It is a picture of three people in front of a cabin that slightly resembles the Cholila cabin. Again, refer to "The Riders" for a period correct comparison. The roof is... more
                • I agree Mark A Mszanski, Wed Sep 5 7:35am
                  I agree with your Rocket scientist - They are not the same structure - They got that right - Angles and all - Simply because it is a rebuilt structure - Not even close - Same site ( google earth ) ,... more
                  • Re: I agree ChrisV, Wed Sep 5 7:47am
                    Im glad you agree with rocket scientist as he said there is no way they are the same building.
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