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Wed Sep 5, 2018 5:09am

Ive missed you buddy. Ready to answer some geography questions? Anyway, your excuses are way off. The sun is not "blasting into the faces of Butch, Etta, and Sundance" Do you know what shadows are Mark* ? Heres the shadow definition in case you don't know - a dark area or shape produced by a body coming between rays of light and a surface. If you look even quickly at the photo, you can see shadows on the rooftop, on the bridge of their noses, bodies...and so on. Id say if this is indeed the westside of the outlaws house, the the sun is coming from the south. However it is not their cabin, so it could be coming from any direction except north. You know what a compass rose is right Mark* ?

Your roof point is way off. The trusses are the originals. They fit in the same place they have always been. Why no perpendicular logs for the trusses coming out above the door, window, whole building? "its a bad photo Lumpy" is not going to cut it. If the photo is good enough to see the trios faces, its good enough for the building. .

Again Mark*, goto the website, do a comparison, basically the same for what Im showing. You should like the site, as theres lots of pretty pictures and not much reading.

Feel free to make excuses for the rest of my valid points

  • Wrong again Lumpy Mark A Mszanski, Wed Sep 5 4:47am
    If you look at the original ( even as a cheap xerox ) of the building the joints are present to the right of the photo. The photo is taken with with the sun blasting almost directly into the faces of ... more
    • Mark* — ChrisV, Wed Sep 5 5:09am
      • The New Structure Mark, Wed Sep 5 5:31am
        You should go to google earth and look at the new structure that is not comparable to the old structure as they are two different structures entirely. Please refer to the previous discussions on this ... more
        • Re: The New Structure ChrisV, Wed Sep 5 6:02am
          We can go with the pre construction pics if you want (which I included on the joints and corners). Those are 100% in the right location, as I think the remodel is as well. Look at "The Riders" photo... more
          • 2d Mark A Mszanski, Wed Sep 5 6:49am
            The original Tea Party photo is by definition in 2d not 3d . There are several problems with the image. I say image as it is not the original photo. I have had two photographers look at it whom I... more
            • The Provenance is BS. Proof it ! (nm)Pat, Thu Sep 6 7:02am
            • Re: 2d ChrisV, Wed Sep 5 7:15am
              Yes, its a crappy copy. It is a picture of three people in front of a cabin that slightly resembles the Cholila cabin. Again, refer to "The Riders" for a period correct comparison. The roof is... more
              • I agree Mark A Mszanski, Wed Sep 5 7:35am
                I agree with your Rocket scientist - They are not the same structure - They got that right - Angles and all - Simply because it is a rebuilt structure - Not even close - Same site ( google earth ) ,... more
                • Re: I agree ChrisV, Wed Sep 5 7:47am
                  Im glad you agree with rocket scientist as he said there is no way they are the same building.
                  • Rocket Scientist Mark A Mszanski, Wed Sep 5 7:51am
                    For clarity , He is correct - the new building and the old original are not the same building - The Tea party photo (image) is as per it's provenance and origin of BC , SK and EP in my opinion.
                    • Re: Rocket Scientist ChrisV, Wed Sep 5 8:40am
                      That includes him looking at all photographs including the Riders photo. Tough question and a sincere one....Why does the Riders photo have the correct bones to the rebuild/pre rebuild and does not... more
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