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Re: 2d
Wed Sep 5, 2018 7:15am

Yes, its a crappy copy. It is a picture of three people in front of a cabin that slightly resembles the Cholila cabin. Again, refer to "The Riders" for a period correct comparison. The roof is different, windows different, length different, door different, wall height different, missing joints, and perpendicular joists and so on. You still want to argue it is the same cabin. Ok. be my guest

I can see you haven't grown up around these type of structures. Out here in the west, there are a lot of these type of buildings that are over 150 years old and maybe older. Additions,repairs do happen. However, in most cases, the bones ie the logs stay the same. The roof angles and trusses stay the same. They might add tin or shingles to it, but same roof bones. The way the logs are cut to join at the corners would not change unless the entire log was torn out. As far as I can see that has not happened. Where the log joints come together would not change. The height of the walls would not change unless someone wanted to waste a lot of energy. Point is. They are two different cabins and the style that they were built was slightly different. The horizontal corner joints vs. vertical corner joints etc...

I too have shown photographs to experts(The Riders photo, pre/post construction, Tea Party photo)....One is a rocket engineer, one a mathematician. The only thing I asked them was are these the same structiures? They got back to me this morning. They talked a lot about ratios, angles....stuff I don't know a lot about. Bottom line, they said it was not the same structure and hope that didn't hurt my research. Im sure I can get a written statement from them if you want.

  • 2d Mark A Mszanski, Wed Sep 5 6:49am
    The original Tea Party photo is by definition in 2d not 3d . There are several problems with the image. I say image as it is not the original photo. I have had two photographers look at it whom I... more
    • Re: 2d — ChrisV, Wed Sep 5 7:15am
      • I agree Mark A Mszanski, Wed Sep 5 7:35am
        I agree with your Rocket scientist - They are not the same structure - They got that right - Angles and all - Simply because it is a rebuilt structure - Not even close - Same site ( google earth ) ,... more
        • Re: I agree ChrisV, Wed Sep 5 7:47am
          Im glad you agree with rocket scientist as he said there is no way they are the same building.
          • Rocket Scientist Mark A Mszanski, Wed Sep 5 7:51am
            For clarity , He is correct - the new building and the old original are not the same building - The Tea party photo (image) is as per it's provenance and origin of BC , SK and EP in my opinion.
            • Re: Rocket Scientist ChrisV, Wed Sep 5 8:40am
              That includes him looking at all photographs including the Riders photo. Tough question and a sincere one....Why does the Riders photo have the correct bones to the rebuild/pre rebuild and does not... more
              • NopeMark A Mszanski, Wed Sep 5 8:52am
                The Riders photo in fact has a "tell" that the Tea Party photo ( originals ) also has - It is the rain deflection molding in white on the roof which covers the joints on the roof so the rain does not ... more
                • Re: NopeChrisV, Wed Sep 5 9:34am
                  Ok. I can agree with that. The Tea Party and Riders both have something on the edge of the roof that look similar. That strip is superficial and would not last forever. Lots of cabins may have had... more
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