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Mark A Mszanski
I agree
Wed Sep 5, 2018 7:35am

I agree with your Rocket scientist - They are not the same structure - They got that right - Angles and all - Simply because it is a rebuilt structure - Not even close - Same site ( google earth ) , historical records and deeds and provenance take care of where it was - The buiklding has undergone multiple fixes over time and then raised completely saving some of the wood for the new one -

The photo known as the RIDERS photo is the other side of the building if I recall in the now memorialized discussion on this topic of two years ago. It bears little if any resemblance to what your alluding to as the west side of the structure - The same analogy as a rebuilt structure versus the original.

In terms of rebuilds or old structures I grew up in New England where we have homes updated over time since the 1600's so I understand what time can do to an original structure that has not been maintained professionally by good artisans and builders.

The logs on this building very well could have been torn out and replaced over time - The angle of the new roof would almost certainly change over time as at one point they even had a tin roof on the original structure that was slapped on due to loss of timber. Evolution versus Revolution .

  • Re: 2d ChrisV, Wed Sep 5 7:15am
    Yes, its a crappy copy. It is a picture of three people in front of a cabin that slightly resembles the Cholila cabin. Again, refer to "The Riders" for a period correct comparison. The roof is... more
    • I agree — Mark A Mszanski, Wed Sep 5 7:35am
      • Re: I agree ChrisV, Wed Sep 5 7:47am
        Im glad you agree with rocket scientist as he said there is no way they are the same building.
        • Rocket Scientist Mark A Mszanski, Wed Sep 5 7:51am
          For clarity , He is correct - the new building and the old original are not the same building - The Tea party photo (image) is as per it's provenance and origin of BC , SK and EP in my opinion.
          • Re: Rocket Scientist ChrisV, Wed Sep 5 8:40am
            That includes him looking at all photographs including the Riders photo. Tough question and a sincere one....Why does the Riders photo have the correct bones to the rebuild/pre rebuild and does not... more
            • NopeMark A Mszanski, Wed Sep 5 8:52am
              The Riders photo in fact has a "tell" that the Tea Party photo ( originals ) also has - It is the rain deflection molding in white on the roof which covers the joints on the roof so the rain does not ... more
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