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I see
Wed Sep 5, 2018 3:16pm

ok. I think I have it right....So like this?

 photo cabindave3_zpsvdj4hxuh.jpg

  • early 1900s apples vs early 2000s orangesDaniel Buck, Wed Sep 5 12:09pm
    Chris, Let's start at the beginning. You are comparing apples and oranges. You are comparing the early 1900s Wild Bunch cabin with an early 2000s completely reconstructed cabin, using new and old... more
    • Time to admit...ChrisV, Sun Sep 9 6:47am
      Id really like to hear your excuses for what Ive shown. If you cant do that, step up and admit your wrong. The cabin is not the Butch/SK cabin
    • Cabin now out of the equation ChrisV, Fri Sep 7 6:23pm
      No need to look at cabin anymore. If its not their cabin, is it even Butch, SK, and Etta? Hmmmm should I look into that too dan? ;) FYI For Mark* I photoshopped this picture. Its not real.
    • So Im not confused anymoreChrisV, Thu Sep 6 4:58am
      I know my drawing isn't the best, but thats the basic layout correct? Im a slow guy so if I missed something please correct me. I don't want to be confused anymore. Id like to spend my time playing... more
    • I see — ChrisV, Wed Sep 5 3:16pm
      • RE:Bob Goodwin, Wed Sep 12 6:41am
        This is the front side of the cabin, not the back side of the cabin where the newer side addition was made. Also, it depicts the cabin before the addition of the bedroom was made to the right side of ... more
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