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Lincoln Logs
Thu Sep 6, 2018 9:48am

Ill check these out. Thanks Bob. Ive compared both pre and post and don't see a lot of difference. Most of the logs are same. They've been rechinked, but from what I can see, same length etc... for what Im trying to show

Was the cabin completely moved? completely dismantled? I see some renovation photos where there is cement. Mainly front and addition. In the back, the logs appear to have not really been disturbed. I checked out google earth and saw the model is in a slightly different place than the cabin. Does that mean it had been moved? Obviously, putting something together is a big puzzle and everything has to go back right or perfect replacements found.

  • Apples to Apples - Oranges to OrangesBob Goodwin, Thu Sep 6 9:37am
    Dan has a point, it does no good to compare the post 2005 cabin with either of the two early 1900's photos. The cabin was rebuilt. Better to compare the early photos with pre-reconstruction photos.... more
    • Lincoln Logs — ChrisV, Thu Sep 6 9:48am
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