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Mon Sep 10, 2018 4:43pm

These guys are a bunch of sheep. They're too afraid to disagree with the flock. Back to the Tea Party photo, Dan wrote "Only one copy of the tea party photo is known to exist, in poor condition I am told. The version you are referring to is a photocopy, thus it's poor resolution." Who has the original?

Anyone want to tell me why the tea party cabin is much shorter than the actual Cholila cabin and can still be the trio's cabin? Its not possible. Its not their cabin. Your savior has conned you on this and so much more. Sorry sheep

  • RE: Cabin Chris and Railroad Workersneglib, Mon Sep 10 11:32am
    Bob, Chris and I have presented some of our findings of BC and SK in1901 that does not involve SOAM. Take, for instance, the man standing in the RR pic that some claim is Butch. The Butch in the RR... more
    • RE: Cabin Chris and Railroad Workersjim lynch, Mon Sep 10 5:22pm
      As one that actually believe it is most likely that Butch and Etta made it out alive, I still haven't seen evidence other than grainy photos, and memories of family and friends that makes me an out... more
    • baa baa baa baa — ChrisV, Mon Sep 10 4:43pm
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