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Tue Sep 11, 2018 11:03am

The Longabaugh/Ernst/Hallman family owns the Tea Party Photo? You said in another thread that there is only copy of the photo and it is in poor shape. Is it in the care of the Longabaughs?

You have one cabin that is the Cholila cabin. You have another cabin that is not the Cholila cabin. For the record, are you still saying the Tea Party building is the Cholila cabin?

  • Re: Provenance QuestionDaniel Buck, Tue Sep 11 10:24am
    Bob, It would be nice if the two photos in question, Tea Party and jinetes, had been embedded with microchips at the time they were taken, with all the pertinent details of their making, and as well... more
    • Cabins — ChrisV, Tue Sep 11 11:03am
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