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The Jones and Ernst families
Wed Sep 12, 2018 1:37am (XFF:

The provenance of these photos have long been established. I believe this has been covered about 200 times here on OWR and memorialized in research by many authors. I am very comfortable with the provenance having spoke with Donna Ernst regarding the photos as soon as last year. In terms of perspective you are right Dan. Look at the photo in total and it is obvious as to the angle from which it was taken. Clear as a bell.

  • perspective & the eyeDaniel Buck, Tue Sep 11 3:40am
    Mark, good point, perspective plays all sorts of tricks with the eye. Come to think of it, so does 100 years of wind, rain, snow & sun, not to mention wear & tear, renovations & additions, on a... more
    • The Jones and Ernst families — Mark, Wed Sep 12 1:37am
    • Dan's Tea PartyChrisV, Tue Sep 11 4:45am
      You never answered my questions about the tea party cabin. Your story doesn't make sense. Its time you admit its not the same cabin
      • Re: Dan's Tea PartyDaniel Buck, Tue Sep 11 5:10am
        Chris, here was my post: ============================== Chris, Let's start at the beginning. You are comparing apples and oranges. You are comparing the early 1900s Wild Bunch cabin with an early... more
        • GeezChrisV, Tue Sep 11 5:43am
          Dan, It is not their cabin. Its much shorter than the Cholila cabin and has many other inconsistencies. Chris
          • Back to my Provenance QuestionBob Goodwin, Tue Sep 11 6:52am
            Back to my provenance question, if it can be established that it actually came from Sundance, like Sundance sent it to his parents with a note on the back that said something like "Hey Mon and Dad,... more
            • Re: Back to my Provenance QuestionDaniel Buck, Tue Sep 11 7:58am
              Bob, Ha. Dream on, my friend Even if Butch, Sundance & Ethel jumped out of the photo singing "Down Cholila Way," the dead enders would still balk. It's a blood sport, not a history discussion. Dan
            • Re: Back to my Provenance QuestionChrisV, Tue Sep 11 7:03am
              Im going to disagree. I don't care if there is provenance with the Tea Party photo, the cabin is not theirs. Could be them, its yet to be seen, but the cabin is not theirs. "All of the accusation... more
              • JeezeBob Goodwin, Wed Sep 12 6:36am
                I said: "accusation back and forth of manipulation." Isn't that what You Dan and Mark have been doing, accusing each other of manipulation: I was just making an observation. I was not trying to be... more
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