vince garcia
Re: Reputable Elzy Lay bios?
Thu Jan 10, 2019 2:27pm

Both names were used but I prefer Elza as it appears in early newspaper articles and Ann Bassett referred to him by that name. But either works.

Harv's book suffers from being somewhat roughly written because he was not a polished author so be prepared for that.

  • Reputable Elzy Lay bios?Ciara, Thu Jan 10 11:51am
    Curious if you might recommend to me some of your preferred sources of info on Elzy Lay. I'm specifically interested in his later life, following his release from the NM prison, post 1906. I have... more
    • Re: Reputable Elzy Lay bios? — vince garcia, Thu Jan 10 2:27pm
      • Thanks!Ciara, Thu Jan 10 5:26pm
        Reviews on the Murdock book were poor so I hesitated, but I'll definitely check it out now. Thank you!
        • Re: Thanks!Daniel Buck, Thu Jan 10 5:28pm
          Ciara, Harv was not a writer by trade, he did the best he could. If you are interested in Lay's post-prison life, there's much in Harv's book about it. Dan
    • Re: Reputable Elzy Lay bios?Daniel Buck, Thu Jan 10 1:58pm
      Ciara, Elzy and Elza are both diminutives for Ellsworth. His grandson Harv Murdock used Elzy in his book, The Educated Outlaw, but as I recall used Elzy and Elza in his correspondence with me. As... more
      • Thanks much!Ciara, Thu Jan 10 5:28pm
        Seems like Elza/Elzy have been used interchangeably in everything I've read, so I appreciate that confirmation. I also very much appreciate the suggestions! I haven't read the Patterson or Smokov... more
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