vince garcia
The "Wild Bunch" June 1899
Thu Jan 10, 2019 6:11pm

Sheriff Preece is one of the most fearless men in the state and if any members of the "Wild Bunch" turn up, he will be heard from.
SL Herald, June 13, 1899

    • re: "Wild Bunch"Bob Goodwin, Fri Jan 11 7:44am
      Yes, One of the first, if not the first reference in the press to the outlaws in the Browns Hole area being called the"Wild Bunch." Of course, Dr. Steve Lacy disputes this and says that the outlaws... more
      • re: "Wild Bunch"vince garcia, Fri Jan 11 8:38am
        The first use I know of is the The Salt Lake Tribune in late july 1897 using the term but denying there is such a gang in Utah Glad you're out of the hospital
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