vince garcia
"Reproves" means rebukes, criticizes, denounes... (nm)
Sun Jan 20, 2019 3:50am

  • be sure to clean up if you ever finishBrian Mida Bleecker, Sat Jan 19 10:45pm
    Hey guys, while you're busy whacking off over the earliest use of the term "Wild Bunch" I'm examining the earliest known photo of Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid. It's authenticity continually... more
    • "Reproves" means rebukes, criticizes, denounes... (nm) — vince garcia, Sun Jan 20 3:50am
      • re-prove yourselves as historiansBrian Mida Bleecker, Sun Jan 20 9:09pm
        Real Wild West historians would want to know more about the obvious scar on Cassidy's left cheek, plus a hundred other things about young Butch & Sundance. However, I realize that you guys got into... more
        • you'll never be the man your sister is (nm)Anonymous, Mon Jan 21 7:33am
        • Hi BrianJuha, Mon Jan 21 6:01am
          When can we expect your next video? Thanks.
          • thanks for the civilityBrian Mida Bleecker, Tue Jan 22 8:49am
            Juha, your simple question and appreciation are some of the first normal discourse I have gotten in this whole experience. I expect to release a 30-minute video by this summer that will include high... more
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