Brian Mida Bleecker
re-prove yourselves as historians
Sun Jan 20, 2019 9:09pm

Real Wild West historians would want to know more about the obvious scar on Cassidy's left cheek, plus a hundred other things about young Butch & Sundance. However, I realize that you guys got into this because of a Hollywood movie and that you have never actually encountered game-changing information on the outlaws - just confirmations of what was already known. But there is hope for you. Put together a panel of experts and I'll present my case in a forum where you'll have every chance to dis-prove me, if you think that you can. Frankly, I'm going to live longer than most of you and I won't forget your ignorance, but arranging an audience for me now would get you back into my good graces for after you're dead. Once I break through, like we all know I'm gonna, this opportunity will be gone forever. My next video will be definitive and establish my assertions irrefutably. Wise up and act like historians while you still have time. ~BMB~

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