you'll never be the man your sister is (nm)
Mon Jan 21, 2019 7:33am

  • re-prove yourselves as historiansBrian Mida Bleecker, Sun Jan 20 9:09pm
    Real Wild West historians would want to know more about the obvious scar on Cassidy's left cheek, plus a hundred other things about young Butch & Sundance. However, I realize that you guys got into... more
    • you'll never be the man your sister is (nm) — Anonymous, Mon Jan 21 7:33am
    • Hi BrianJuha, Mon Jan 21 6:01am
      When can we expect your next video? Thanks.
      • thanks for the civilityBrian Mida Bleecker, Tue Jan 22 8:49am
        Juha, your simple question and appreciation are some of the first normal discourse I have gotten in this whole experience. I expect to release a 30-minute video by this summer that will include high... more
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