Brian Mida Bleecker
thanks for the civility
Tue Jan 22, 2019 8:49am

Juha, your simple question and appreciation are some of the first normal discourse I have gotten in this whole experience. I expect to release a 30-minute video by this summer that will include high resolution close-ups of both Robert Leroy Parker at age 23 and Harry Alonzo Longabaugh at age 22. I will expose (at 800 dpi) features on the hands and faces of both men that have never been comprehensively discussed. I will connect The New Evidence to Southwest Colorado in 1889 with corroborating modern data and I will challenge the the world to prove me wrong. Researchers from over a hundred countries are watching me and the USA is not the most interesting of these, so my future may be in presenting to foreigners. Strange but true. Juha, because of your polite query, I will notify the Old West Rogues when the video is released. Thank you, Brian

  • Hi BrianJuha, Mon Jan 21 6:01am
    When can we expect your next video? Thanks.
    • thanks for the civility — Brian Mida Bleecker, Tue Jan 22 8:49am
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