vince garcia
Really OT: the Beale Treasure Code
Mon Jan 28, 2019 3:04pm

The subject of a rather famous/infamous lost treasure some of you may have heard of called the Beale Treasure Code may someday come up in conversation.

I have just debunked an otherwise good-sounding indictment of this treasure many people have been tricked into believing that goes like this: "The code uses two words, STAMPEDE and IMPROVISE, which were not used before the 1840s, when the Code would have been written between 1819 and 1821. Therefore, it is demonstrably a false code and the treasure a myth."

Iím not sure I believe in that treasure, but that claim by the nay sayer is false. I found "stampede" in an 1806 newspaper and "improvises" in one from 1824 with a quick, cursory search. In the case of the latter word, some of the earlier papers were blurry and the word could have been used prior to the clear word I saw in use from 1824. I thus feel confident in saying both words were or would have been known when TJ Beale allegedly made the code around 1820. So whether the code and treasure are real or not, those two words play no part in its legitimacy

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