vince garcia
Need quick answer to this...
Mon Jan 28, 2019 5:56pm

If anyone can help...
There are several instances I recall reading of where a rider or even a posse did a hundred mile ride in a “day”. (I think Siringo once did.) My question would be this: Would that be daylight hours or a day and night ride combined, does anyone know or think? Thx for any help

    • Re: Need quick answer to this...Daniel Buck, Mon Jan 28 7:55pm
      Just for you, here's a 100 miles by horse in a day Quora website:
      • ah thanks! (nm)vince garcia, Tue Jan 29 3:23am
        • 100 miles in a dayBob Goodwin, Tue Jan 29 8:09am
          To relate this to the "Wild bunch" The story is told that Jack Moore of the Robbers Roost gang rode his black mare, 110 miles between dusk to dawn when fleeing Western Colorado. His wife supposedly... more
          • Re: 100 miles in a dayvince garcia, Tue Jan 29 9:06am
            excellent. thanks Gotta wonder what affect that had on the horse
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