Daniel Buck
Re: In Vernal
Thu Feb 7, 2019 5:07pm

Do they have any stray LPB manuscripts? Might be called something else. Dan

  • Re: In VernalLinda Wommack, Thu Feb 7 4:11pm
    As it happens, I have been back doing extensive research at the Uintah County Library and museum in Vernal, Utah. Today I asked the director, Michelle Fuller if this second unpublished manuscript was ... more
    • Re: VernalBob Goodwin, Thu Feb 7 8:26pm
      Thanks Linda, you saved me a phone call. Pretty much what I suspected after going through their online catalog again. I could see nothing there that would indicate that they had a copy.
      • Try this.Pat, Fri Feb 8 8:20am
        Maybe it is at Utah ST HIS SOC. Where did she die, maybe she donated it to her local historical SOC or her family may have it. What does BB say?
      • Re: In VernalLinda Wommack, Fri Feb 8 5:11am
        Dan and Bob, Michelle said the only manuscript they had was the one by Lulu Parker Bentenson and Dora Flack, Butch Cassidy, My Brother.
    • Re: In Vernal — Daniel Buck, Thu Feb 7 5:07pm
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