vince garcia
Re: I'm curious...
Fri Feb 8, 2019 5:59pm

Some were. The James brothers. The Ketchums. Doolins, Ruggles. Butch Cassidy and his lesser-known brother.

  • I'm curious...just_me, Fri Feb 8 9:09am
    Do you think that all those famous outlaws who lived during the Old west were related? My greatest uncle was one in the old west but he was lesser known and was actually nice. Just curious to know.... more
    • Here's a nice cross section of most famous:K.t.K., Fri Feb 8 6:37pm We could add some more from personal research like the Blount brothers from Granby, Missouri, some of whom were associated with the Earps.
      • Hello KtK!Leah, Sat Feb 9 2:31am
        How's Hart??And you too of course
        • Howdy LeahK.t.K., Sat Feb 9 6:35am
          Hart and I are still kickin' - although with reduced r.p.m.s. Outlaw days are nearly over for us, although she still gets the credit for discovering James Earp as a Montana outlaw.
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