Daniel Buck
Re: They all have names
Sun Feb 17, 2019 4:25pm

definitely sent me the details. If you had mentioned it before, it slipped my mind. Dan

  • They all have namesjim lynch, Sun Feb 17 4:19pm
    But I thought I had told you the tale before. I'll write it up and email it to you. I still have BC's youngest niece's name and address too if you want it, but she is rather old now, if still with... more
    • Looks interestingBob Goodwin, Mon Feb 18 5:39am
      Jim, I'm interested in any of the old stories. Will you send me a copy too? Samuel Angevine was one of the original settlers of Hotchkiss, Colorado.
    • Re: They all have names — Daniel Buck, Sun Feb 17 4:25pm
      • Re: They all have namesPat, Mon Feb 18 8:14am
        I wish I had a dollar for every story that I heard for the last fifty years. In Wyoming alone I have hundreds. In WY half the men over 50 are named Butch and they have a story from their uncles,... more
        • The gun isjim lynch, Mon Feb 18 1:53pm
          a Cowboy Ranger double-action .38 Cal Belgian made revolver made for Mexican and South American market. Serial number is 340. Pictures will be included with the story behind it I will send it to... more
          • Re: The gun isDaniel Buck, Tue Feb 19 12:27pm
            Jim, is there a patent date on the hammer lock, e.g. "Pat. May 22, 1917"? Dan
            • Yesjim lynch, Tue Feb 19 1:33pm
              But appears to be overstamped to 1919, and the nut that holds it in is modern aircraft type. My email is lynchjl@yahoo.com. Sent all info and pics to Pat this morning. I don't have your email addy.... more
              • Re: YesDaniel Buck, Tue Feb 19 4:16pm
                Jim, Someone in 1927 gives a gun to someone, said gun supposedly having been given years earlier -- but not too many years earlier, since it was manufactured no earlier than 1919 -- by Butch Cassidy... more
                • Yepjim lynch, Tue Feb 19 4:44pm
                  Never claimed to be anything other than a BC story, and the guys that had the gun given to them recognized the date problem. They thought it possible due to the modern era nut that holds the hammer... more
                  • Re: YepChrisV, Wed Feb 20 2:02pm
                    Since Butch didnt die in SA like some say, its totally possible.
                  • Re: YepDaniel Buck, Tue Feb 19 5:53pm
                    Jim, the earliest patent date for a Cowboy Ranger .38 I can find among online sources is 1917. Dan
              • Jim, got them. will you them over. (nm)Pat, Tue Feb 19 3:39pm
          • Thanks JimPat, Tue Feb 19 10:23am
            Are you tracing the gun back to the mfg and the year it was made?
            • Cowboy ranger pistoljim lynch, Wed Feb 20 11:04am
              You lit my fire Pat, I will try to trace the where and when of this gun, separate from any story. Something doesn't add up with how this gun, made for the South America and Mexico trade ended up in... more
              • Re: Cowboy ranger pistolDaniel Buck, Wed Feb 20 2:10pm
                Jim, Ancestry.com's "Historic Catalogs of Sears Roebuck and Co, 1897 -- 1963" has seven examples of the Cowboy Ranger .38 in catalogs dated from 1911 to 1914. The gun, selling for $6.60, is described ... more
              • Re: Cowboy ranger pistolDaniel Buck, Wed Feb 20 1:42pm
                Jim, I do not want to belabor this, because you are essentially chasing a will-o'-the-wisp, but even if it were true that the Cowboy Ranger .38 was "made for the South American and Mexico trade" -- a ... more
                • will-o'-the-wispjim lynch, Wed Feb 20 2:50pm
                  Yeah Dan, I remember when you could buy a 6.5 mm Carcano (the Oswald gun) on the street in LA for 16.50, but the one I have still shoots as good as it did in WW2, so the price of the gun has little... more
                  • Re: will-o'-the-wispDaniel Buck, Wed Feb 20 2:54pm
                    Jim, You posted a story on Old West Rogues, and I and other denizens are filling in some of the details. That's what discussion forums are all about. Dan
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