Bob Goodwin
Yes, good analysis
Tue Feb 26, 2019 6:07am

Vince, I never said that Mont and Ella Butler were John F. Ackley and Flora Bailey. Ackley and Bailey were just some random Kansas couple getting married in SLC. If Flora Bailey, soon to be Flora Ackley was the Flora mentioned in the Springville Bank robbery accounts, then they were just some random couple that happened to be there at the time, and Flora must have been waiting for John to get back from Eureka .

Ella Butler would have been 23 at the time. I base the theory that it was Ella Butler on four things. 1 Ella was known in her later life to go by the name Flora or Florence. 2. With her being "dressed to the nines" as you say, she was probably just sporting the new traveling/riding dress that J.B. Buhr had just sewn for her, which according to Pearl Baker was fabulous. 3. Mont Butler at 6'1" fits the description of the over sized man. 4. She was from the Grand Junction area. Her mother had had a ranch just a few miles south of Grand Junction, between Grand Junction and Delta.

I really don't know how you can believe anything that W. S. Seavey said. He claims Tom Jones had "several thousand dollars worth of ill-gotten wealth from the Springville bank." There was only $600 or less from that robbery that was unaccounted for. If Logan had any of that $600 it could have been given to him by any one of the actual thieves to launder for them.

Lastly, the holdup was planned and perpetuated by some of the lesser Robbers Roosters. Gunplay Maxwell was known to have envied Butch and wanted to get a reputation like Butch, and he got few of his pals from the Roost to go in with him. The men who came to Springville a few days before the robbery, and were bragging about the Roost, and how they were shooting up Price were all from the Roost, not some interlopers like Logan. There were plenty of Roosters that fit the descriptions of the big man and little man. Also, it is hard for me to believe that Logan or Longabugh would have thrown in with someone like Maxwell, especially after their recent experience with Putneny and O'Day at Belle Fourche.

  • Re: Good Analysis Bobvince garcia, Fri Feb 22 5:22pm
    No it's not a really a good analysis. From what Nicholas found, the couple may have gotten married a few days later and are NOT the Butlers (I think Ella was late 20s but could be wrong but that... more
    • Yes, good analysis — Bob Goodwin, Tue Feb 26 6:07am
      • btwvince garcia, Wed Feb 27 4:52am
        btw, EB had kind of a bad reputation and notoriety going back to the mid 90s that I know of. I might suppose she would be recognized by the sheriff and marshal, or someone else, (not even dealing... more
      • Re: Yes, good analysisvince garcia, Tue Feb 26 7:32pm
        Well, as you know, I disagree they were a KS couple. They CLAIMED they were, but the girl does not appear in KS birth records. Plenty of guys under the man's name are in records so no help there. I'm ... more
        • re:Bob Goodwin, Thu Feb 28 5:43am
          So your contention is that Flora, the Lady that turned up in Springville the day of the robbery was traveling under her married name Ackley before she was actually married, and not her own maiden... more
          • re:vince garcia, Thu Feb 28 5:05pm
            I think it is very possible though not 100% conclusive. Yes they would have been in on the robbery. I'm saying the three guys were the Currie gang. The girl I believe was EP but could have been... more
            • re:Bob Goodwin, Mon Mar 4 6:37am
              Thanks Vince. I think you have convinced me that Ell Butler was probably not involved in the Springville Robbery. Though her husband Mont Butler probably was. It also appears that Etta Place was not... more
              • re:vince garcia, Tue Mar 5 3:37am
                I would question it can be proven that john ackley is the right ackley because there were so many of them around and the girl can't be IDed in census records. So whomever they are, they have to... more
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