Bob Goodwin
Sun Mar 17, 2019 1:48pm

Umm, this is embarrassing. Due to a data error Ghosttown Bob on facebooks birthday is March 10th Bob Goodwin's birthday is April 10th. Since Bob Goodwin no longer exists on Facebook (he was taken down) I will take any birthday wishes given to me in March and count it as close enough.

  • Bob--pat says your birthday is a month away???vince garcia, Sat Mar 16 12:55pm
    Are we all wishing you on the wring day? How'd that happen? Or is Pat wrong?
    • re: — Bob Goodwin, Sun Mar 17 1:48pm
      • re:vince garcia, Sun Mar 17 5:32pm
        hahaha. OK we stand somewhat corrected. But I was really hoping to tease Pat
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