DeMattos and Rosa
Fri Apr 5, 2019 10:34am

I read Jack DeMattos' Mysterious Gunfighter The Story of Dave Mather which I'd recently bought from Joseph G. Rosa's book auction.

"To my pal,
"Rowdy Joe" Rosa...
From his not-so "mysterious" friend,
Jack DeMattos, May 30, 1992."

First edition, first printing 1500 copies, with a type-written addition slip by the author I assume in the beginning of chapter five.

Ties together nicely to the fact that I exchanged some letters with Rosa in the early 90's, before the internet. When he passed away and his collection came for an auction I bid for some items and got them but had no idea this one was a very personal copy.

Cheers Jack, and Joe.

    • Re: DeMattos and RosaDaniel Buck, Fri Apr 5 11:00am
      Congratulations. Nice addition to your library. Dan
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