After Wagner
Wed Apr 10, 2019 11:42am

I posted this thoughtful post a year ago with zero responses.Hopefully, your ego's have healed. So, lets try again....Anyone have any thoughts? Anyone care? Anyone still here?

Immediately after the Great Northern train hold-up other illegal activities occur in the area. Some have not been discussed that I know of, others have, but don’t make sense. I think there were more than 3-4 people involved in the train robbery
After hearing about the robbery, a posse was assembled from Glasgow. When they reached Malta via train, a miscreant scattered the posse’s horses. This delayed their pursuit until midnight. The bandits would have had roughly a nine hour head start on this posse…. Anaconda Std July 14, 1901 The paper claims it was sympathizers helping the bandits. Obviously, it was, but more specifically, could it have been members of the Wild Bunch helping the outlaws escape?
On July 6, 1901, a half mile from the scene of the hold up, one hundred horses are stolen from Mr. Trafton by two men. It is believed this theft is in connection to the train robbery …..Anaconda Std July 7, 1901 ie. Wild Bunch involvement IMO
The Great Falls Tribune tells of either another horse theft on the same day or they have their facts wrong. They report four men stole two hundred horses and that the owner was the late George Knowlton. The bulk of the horses were later found, as it appears the thieves were only after the best mounts. The paper also mentions that Trafton(the owner of the 100 horses) was organizing a third posse which makes me think there were two different thefts.
These thefts could be opportunists in the area, stealing at will because the law was following the bank robbers OR perhaps more Wild Bunch members trying to scatter the posses. I tend to think it was Wild Bunch involvement
Then you have the Jim Winter’s murder on July 25, 1901. We are supposed to believe that Harvey Logan and the other train robbers came back and shot him. I find it hard to believe. My guess is Harvey had someone ie. Wild Bunch members pull the trigger. Cant see how he and train robbing companions did it themselves with all the heat on them
Smokov pg 203 talks about the investigation after the shooting. They find the campsite where 2-3 men were and 3 horses had been. They find .30-.40 shell casings. Was this the same caliber as Wagner?
Lets say there were only three robbers and four horses at Wagner as some witnesses have stated. With 2-3 men and 3 horses at the Winters site, it raises questions if it were the Logan, Kilpatrick, and Hanks at the kill site or whether it was another group. If it was in fact the train robbers who murdered Winters, a horse was missing and possibly one of the trio
My point is, there is no way there were only three to four people involved in this robbery. Looking at the four events after the robbery, at least four and up to eight more people were involved and probably more we will never know about.

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