Daniel Buck
if you want a good laugh
Wed Apr 10, 2019 3:48pm

If you want a good laugh, check this out:

He's wearing a bowler hat!

    • Re: if you want a good laughvince garcia, Sun Apr 14 4:03am
      I dont see anything
      • Re: if you want a good laughDaniel Buck, Sun Apr 14 6:13am
        Vince, The Morphy auction took place 12 April 2019 in Las Vegas. Lot 1224, the supposed Cassidy tintype, is no longer posted, but you can find it in the original catalog, though the image clarity is... more
        • Begs the question Mark, Wed Apr 17 9:21pm
          Cassidy with three friends. Ok who are the friends?
          • Re: Begs the question Daniel Buck, Wed Apr 17 11:54pm
            It's actually Leonardo DiCaprio and three amigos from the Titanic.
    • If I want a good laugh....ChrisV, Thu Apr 11 10:57am
      all I have to do is look at your bogus research. Fake documents....fake Ryan signatures.....DEBUNKED Tea Party Pic....San Vicente BS Story....DIgging up graves that aren't the outlaws (MY FAVE)and so ... more
      • RR picneglib, Thu Apr 11 11:17am
        Watch out Chris; now they're going to slam the RR pic.
        • Re: RR picChrisV, Thu Apr 11 4:10pm
          Yes, agree. However, dan has told the sheep to ignore us so we will just go away. Reminds me of middle school tactics. Haha. This has got to be the only forum on the internet where members are... more
    • AuctionBob Goodwin, Thu Apr 11 5:41am
      Didn't you know that anyone in the old west pictured wearing a bowler hat was Butch Cassidy. That is how you can tell it is Butch, Bowler hat, Mustache = Butch. Of course, the person in the upper... more
      • Re: AuctionDaniel Buck, Wed Apr 17 3:35am
        Per Morphy's "Prices Realized" list --- https://www.morphyauctions.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/08/2019-Apr-12-Western-PR-1.pdf --- neither lot 1224, the supposed Butch Cassidy tintype, nor lot 1373,... more
      • Re: AuctionDaniel Buck, Thu Apr 11 6:04am
        Bob. I think the Cassidy gent, seated lower right, is Leonardo DiCaprio, and his three amigos are crew from the Titanic. The same auction house is offering an equally hilarious tintype, of a supposed ... more
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