Daniel Buck
Re: Auction
Thu Apr 11, 2019 6:04am

I think the Cassidy gent, seated lower right, is Leonardo DiCaprio, and his three amigos are crew from the Titanic.

The same auction house is offering an equally hilarious tintype, of a supposed Doc Holliday, who looks decidedly like Mr. Potato Head. The identification of the tuber-crowned man as Holliday was "authenticated" by facial recognition shaman Kent Gibson, who has seemingly never met an anonymous photo he could not affix a celebrity name to.

Like the DiCaprio Cassidy, the minimum bid is $5,000, which must be the standard price for joke tintypes. The Potato-head tintype was previously for sale at Bidsquare, "estimate $20,000-40,000," but never sold. Dan

  • AuctionBob Goodwin, Thu Apr 11 5:41am
    Didn't you know that anyone in the old west pictured wearing a bowler hat was Butch Cassidy. That is how you can tell it is Butch, Bowler hat, Mustache = Butch. Of course, the person in the upper... more
    • Re: AuctionDaniel Buck, Wed Apr 17 3:35am
      Per Morphy's "Prices Realized" list --- https://www.morphyauctions.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/08/2019-Apr-12-Western-PR-1.pdf --- neither lot 1224, the supposed Butch Cassidy tintype, nor lot 1373,... more
    • Re: Auction — Daniel Buck, Thu Apr 11 6:04am
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