Daniel Buck
Re: if you want a good laugh
Sun Apr 14, 2019 6:13am

The Morphy auction took place 12 April 2019 in Las Vegas. Lot 1224, the supposed Cassidy tintype, is no longer posted, but you can find it in the original catalog, though the image clarity is poor:

The auction also included an equally hilarious lot 1273, a picnic-scene tintype supposedly including Doc Holliday -- who looks like Mr. Potato Head or Nosferatu, take your pick -- and Morgan Earp. This tintype is still online, not sure why, but on another website:

An enlarged version is here,

Leonardo DiCaprio aka Butch Cassidy is seated lower right.

Note that both tintypes are anomalistically displayed in daguerreotype cases, which is like putting a Thomas Kinkade in a baroque frame, a gilding of the lily that should ring a caveat-emptor bell.

Whether either tintype sold is unclear. Dan

  • Re: if you want a good laughvince garcia, Sun Apr 14 4:03am
    I dont see anything
    • Re: if you want a good laugh — Daniel Buck, Sun Apr 14 6:13am
      • Begs the question Mark, Wed Apr 17 9:21pm
        Cassidy with three friends. Ok who are the friends?
        • Re: Begs the question Daniel Buck, Wed Apr 17 11:54pm
          It's actually Leonardo DiCaprio and three amigos from the Titanic.
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