Bob Goodwin
Fri May 24, 2019 5:58am

Not a bad idea, it would be an interesting. It would be nice to have something authoritative and historically accurate. I don't know how we would pull it off without trying to kill each other over minutiae. We would have to hire a referee to keep us from each others throats ;)

  • Dan, Bob, Mark, It occurs to me...vince garcia, Thu May 23 5:26pm
    Since no one else seems able to do it even remotely right, WE could get some of us together and make a documentary of Butch and SD ala Ken Burns, using period photos and a voiceover, telling their... more
    • Remember you asked!Nicholas, Tue May 28 4:28pm
      You guys don't really know the subject. You're way off base. Its a well known fact that if you start off in the wrong direction that you will not hit your target.
    • Re: Dan, Bob, Mark, It occurs to me...Daniel Buck, Thu May 23 7:09pm
      Vince, not a bad idea. Putting something like that together is a herculean effort, however, involving a production company, major amounts of money, broadcast/distribution prearranged, etc. Way beyond ... more
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