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So here is how I envision doing this...
Sun May 26, 2019 10:56am

This is kind of how I see us writing this. Sort of like we’re writing a long article or book, but it becomes a narrative for a voiceover as we use period photos for background. So we would kind of start it with an opening like so.

Butch and Sundance: America’s Outlaws.

In 1969, Paul Newman and Robert Redford filmed a classic Western that presented a snapshot of two famous outlaws largely forgotten by history when names like Jesse James and Bonnie and Clyde were still fresh in the minds of the public. Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid again became household names, and the exciting saga of their lives and untimely deaths in a hail of gunfire against an army of soldiers captivated audiences.

But did it really happen that way?

Soon after the movie, books and articles by Western historians--and even Butch’s own sister--began resurrecting lost tales that Butch himself had survived the infamous shootout, returning to his old haunts in the 1920s, and dying sometime in the 1930s. Sundance too, some claimed, survived the shootout.

Was it true? Could they have survived? Or did other men die in their place?

For decades, Those who heard bits and pieces of the tale wondered just who those masked men really were who in their time terrorized parts of the West.

Some over the years called them Robin Hoods. Others, cold-blooded rustlers and killers.

In this documentary, we will meet the real Butch Cassidy, the Sundance Kid, and the men they rode with. Men who in their time were famed and feared throughout the West. Colorful figures with names like Kid Curry--who never had a knife fight with Butch...Flatnose Currie…Deaf Charley Hanks…the Lone Texan, Ben Kilpatrick…Will Carver, and others.

We’ll also delve into that infamous Super Posse the movie portrayed. What it was and what it wasn’t. Did it really chase the two outlaws all over the West and into South America?

As we delve into their tale, we’ll find it is a complicated story where truth is often different than legend--but legend may sometimes be more likely than alleged truth.

And what documentary would be complete without discussing the women in their lives? Women like Fannie Porter, the famed Texas Madam…Laura Bullion, who may have assisted in a robbery or two…the Bassett sisters who were among Butch’s closest friends…and the most intriguing woman of all--the Sundance Kid’s mysterious wife, the beautiful and alluring Etta Place who vanished in 1906 and to this day remains one of the great mysteries of the Wild West.

But we start with Butch himself. Butch Cassidy was born Robert Leroy Parker in Beaver, Utah, in 1866, the son of Mormon pioneers and oldest of thirteen siblings. The family would eventually move to the little town of Circleville, where his father would unfairly lose a land dispute to a more devout Mormon, forever leaving young “Roy,” as Butch was called, with a bad view of the Mormon Church. In his teen years, Roy would meet a local shady cowhand and rancher named Mike Cassidy who would take him under his wing and teach him the ins and outs of riding, shooting, cow punching, and “swinging a long loop,” slang for rustling. In tribute, Roy Parker would eventually take the name Cassidy as his own, the nickname “Butch” having a variety of colorful alleged origins.

Butch’s first actual run-in with the law was during this period when he broke into a store to steal a pair of pants, leaving an IOU and fully intending to pay.

The storekeep didn’t appreciate the act, however, and soon the Sheriff showed up. BLAH BLAH BLAH

The Sundance Kid was born Harry Alonzo Longabaugh in 1868 in Mont Claire, Pennsylvania. Though limited in schooling, he enjoyed reading and would be rather well-read for a cow puncher and outlaw. No one could deny he had pluck, and at age 14 he left home for New York, hoping to make his fortune.

Things didn’t go well, and soon after he found himself with relatives working ranches in Durango and Cortez, Colorado, where he learned the art of being a cowboy. BLAH BLAH BLAH

Then we kind of go forward, explaining what each do as they move forward in time until the point we mate them together.

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