vince garcia
An easy cheaper way to do it...
Fri May 31, 2019 3:29am

And the easiest way to do it, requiring minimal investment, would be to do it as an AUDIOBOOK. Just write the narrative and then record it, and produce it as an audiobook CD and download.

The key is that if we can get a good team--rather than a single author--of the best historians together to write a concise bio, it should become, in a sense, the Go To work on their history as outlaws. I've got the timeline that shows what they did and have the main robberies choreographed out as much as possible, we have learned people here or that we know who can tackle writing basic if not tortuously detailed narratives of their activities in Utah, Wyoming, and SA, and between that and showing the all but impossible plausibility of this constant speculation on whether they survived SV, we can put out a respectable definitive work from a TEAM, not one author or another, I'm thinking

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