Daniel Buck
Re: Tweety & Micawber
Sat Jun 1, 2019 2:32pm

In outlaw history there are very few if any certainties The events happened a century ago, the participants were not wearing GPS devices, the evidence is muddled. You do the best you can with the evidence that is available.

The evidence that Cassidy & Sundance died in Bolivia in 1908 is better than the evidence supporting some other scenario. That's it in 20 words (OK, 18 words, a number, and an ampersand.)

If someone wants to come up with better evidence supporting some other scenario, fine. Put the cards on the table.

  • Re: Tweety & MicawberAnonymous, Sat Jun 1 2:03pm
    Can you say they 100% died in SA? Until then, Id have an open mind.
    • Re: Tweety & Micawber — Daniel Buck, Sat Jun 1 2:32pm
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