Daniel Buck
Re: Today is the anniverary of the Wilcox Train Robbery
Sun Jun 2, 2019 6:58am

Thanks Vince.

This jumped out, savory food for thought:

"Apart from securing the right signal lantern, there was nothing brilliant about this robbery. It was inept from beginning to end, and an example of bad planning, bad implementation, and almost catastrophic incompetence in the escape. From the very beginning when the gang was incomprehensibly ignorant of the fact that the trains were sent out in pairs, to wasting fifteen minutes trying to break into a car they weren't even planning to rob, inattentively allowing a conductor to simply run off and warn the next train, thinking a light charge of dynamite that was probably never meant to wreck the bridge anyway would prevent another train from crossing it, deliberately killing a sheriff--which would arouse the entire state against them--allowing their horses to wander off so that they had to run dozens of miles on foot to escape their pursuers (even hopping from sagebrush to sagebrush to avoid leaving tracks, according to one cowboy who spotted Logan and Flatnose doing that in their escape)--the Wilcox train Robbery, while bold and spectacular, was almost a primer on how not to rob a train! "

  • Today is the anniverary of the Wilcox Train Robberyvince garcia, Sun Jun 2 3:59am
    For anyone new here, today is the anniversary of the 1899 Wilcox Train Robbery by Butch Cassidy's Hole in the Wall Gang. As is tradition, here is my article on how the robbery happened, painstakingly ... more
    • Re: Today is the anniverary of the Wilcox Train Robbery — Daniel Buck, Sun Jun 2 6:58am
      • LOL--well, at times they were the NOT SO WILD BUNCH. And this goes to show how myth and legend makes idiots, in this case, into larger than life figures. Like I say, sometimes you just get lucky, and ... more
        • And to be fairvince garcia, Sun Jun 2 5:18pm
          And to be totally fair to the Currie Gang, there is a little debate on whether they lost their horses or somehow got cut off from them in the shootout w/the posse. I've seen claims both ways. I lean... more
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