vince garcia
Re: Today is the anniverary of the Wilcox Train Robbery
Sun Jun 2, 2019 4:50pm

LOL--well, at times they were the NOT SO WILD BUNCH.
And this goes to show how myth and legend makes idiots, in this case, into larger than life figures.
Like I say, sometimes you just get lucky, and they got lucky. There were a list of ways they could have ended up dead or at the end of the rope because of this badly-pulled robbery, not the least of which was riding through Casper out in the open and crossing the only unguarded bridge because a railroad detective overruled the sheriff and declared the robbers would never do such a thing but would certainly go for one of the outlying bridges to cross the Platte and make for HIW.

How many 7s can you roll??

  • Thanks Vince. This jumped out, savory food for thought: "Apart from securing the right signal lantern, there was nothing brilliant about this robbery. It was inept from beginning to end, and an... more
    • Re: Today is the anniverary of the Wilcox Train Robbery — vince garcia, Sun Jun 2 4:50pm
      • And to be fairvince garcia, Sun Jun 2 5:18pm
        And to be totally fair to the Currie Gang, there is a little debate on whether they lost their horses or somehow got cut off from them in the shootout w/the posse. I've seen claims both ways. I lean... more
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