Daniel Buck
OWR is a free-fire zone.
Mon Jun 3, 2019 6:07pm

you can do whatever you wish. OWR is a free-fire zone. But please, no whining. Dan

  • No SubjectJerry Nickle, Mon Jun 3 4:14pm
    Dan Would you like me to participate or just go away?
    • "I like DB and hope someday to meet him."Daniel Buck, Thu Jun 6 1:18pm
      Jerry, your post of last Monday, above, compared to the excerpt below from your post of six years ago. I found as well that we have traded several cordial emails over the years. All of a sudden, a... more
    • OWR is a free-fire zone. — Daniel Buck, Mon Jun 3 6:07pm
      • HypocriteChrisV, Fri Jun 7 7:58am
        If its a no whining zone, how about telling your sheep to stop whining about you missing from the excellent video Mission Declassified. HAHAa
        • your obsession with sheep is?Daniel Buck, Fri Jun 7 8:41am
          Chris, if whining on OWR were verboten you'd have been 86'd long ago. What's with you obsession with sheep? Hmm. By the way, your unkind remarks about our ovine friends, considering that you hail... more
          • Re: your obsession with sheep is?ChrisV, Fri Jun 7 8:57am
            Thats all you got? Your still a hypocrite BTW my ranch runs only cattle. Same with our neighbors. I, and everyone around here, ,detest sheep
      • re: OWR is a free fire zoneBob Goodwin, Tue Jun 4 5:46am
        But Dan, isn't "OWR is a free-fire zone. But please, no whining." a non sequitur? heh, heh ;-)
        • re: OWR is a free fire zoneDaniel Buck, Tue Jun 4 5:56am
          Bob, It's an ironic remark You can say what you want. But no whining. To put it another way, there's no crying in baseball. Dan
          • re: OWR is a free fire zoneBob Goodwin, Tue Jun 4 6:05am
            Also a non sequitur. I think "no crying in baseball" is a dead metaphor
            • re: OWR is a free fire zoneDaniel Buck, Tue Jun 4 6:22am
              First the irony went AWOL, and now we've got dead metaphors. A non sequitur, by the way, is a comedic device, like misdirection and irony. Sarah Silverman, the maestro of misdirection:... more
    • Re: No SubjectChrisv, Mon Jun 3 4:35pm
      He wants you to fall in line and be a yes man
      • New strategy Mark, Thu Jun 6 7:41am
        Is this a new strategy ? Pretend your offended and a victim ? Ah yes , we are adopting the millennial techniques for coping. Next we will resort to quiet spaces and safe rooms. I see little evidence... more
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