Daniel Buck
Re: Elzy Lay and Zane Grey
Wed Jun 5, 2019 5:23am

Re the missing Lay memoir, here's an excerpt from an OWR post I made a few years back:
Finally, it's possible that Lay did write a memoir, though the manuscript has vanished. In 1943, Edward Crabb wrote [Charles] Kelly that Lay's widow was trying to find a publisher for what Crabb decribed as "a lot of notes concerning his life and adventures when he traveled with Cassidy." In a second 1943 letter, Crabb tells Kelly that she decided not to publish the material "on account of the children." Two years later, Crabb wrote Lamborn that the widow "still has the mms."

  • Elzy Lay and Zane GreyTrevor Newland, Tue Jun 4 5:31pm
    Hi guys. I'm posting a fairly basic question again, but I don't have the same degree of knowledge as most of you. My question is whether anyone knows if there's any validity to the idea that Zane... more
    • Re: Elzy Lay and Zane Grey — Daniel Buck, Wed Jun 5 5:23am
      • Thank youTrevor Newland, Wed Jun 5 6:18am
        Dan, Thanks for that information. Very interesting as I sometimes wonder how BC’s mindset would’ve changed as the years of being chased started piling up. It would be interesting to hear Lay’s... more
    • Re: Elzy Lay and Zane GreyDaniel Buck, Wed Jun 5 1:53am
      Trevor, The only reference to Zane Grey and Elzy Lay I've ever seen to that is "Elzy Lay -- Some Little Known Facts," Kerry Ross Boren, Vernal Express, 25 August 1981. Boren said that Zane Grey... more
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