New Wild Bunch Member, Seth Longabaugh, etc...
Fri Jun 7, 2019 12:12pm

Thanks buddy. I dont know what was the most interesting?

Finding a unknown Wild Bunch member in the photo was great.

Researching more about Stanley Gardner in the photo was cool too. He wasn't as innocent as he looked.

It was a surprise that Harvey Logan Came back to Salt Lake City, Utah in the Fall of 1901.

I think the most important bit of information is Cousin Seth Longabaugh living only 21 miles from the photo.

Matt Warners escapades were also interesting...along with Len MCcarty and Charlie Bowman.

The exploration was also fun. Breaking down at Woodside, going to San Rafael, going to various museums etc...

  • RE: Summer Outlaw Trail Journalneglib, Fri Jun 7 11:24am
    Chris, Great job taking the lead on this research project. It provides stronger evidence of BC&SK being in the US the latter half of 1901 rather than in SOAM. Best, Brett
    • New Wild Bunch Member, Seth Longabaugh, etc... — ChrisV, Fri Jun 7 12:12pm
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