dan buck wrong again
Mon Jun 10, 2019 5:38am

I know big surprise right? This is from dan talking about outlaws being stupid. Ironic I must say.

"Not sure I said it quite so bluntly, but I could have. I looked back at my emails and OWR posts in which I used the word "stupid" in reference to outlaws (as opposed to in reference to colleagues, heh). Two themes. First, choosing an outlaw life is stupid because almost all outlaws are either capture or killed, sometimes both. In other words, I'm defining stupid as being an outlaw. Argue with that at you leisure.

In a related manner, I've also said many times that BC&SK went all the way to Argentina to start a new life, but then reverted to their old life, thus drawing the attention of the local authorities. Not smart. Or stupid, Take your pick.

Second, outlaws are stupid as a reaction to researchers who try to reason backwards, a certain outlaw was so smart he would not have done something so stupid. In other words, the stupid outlaw meme is a reaction to the genius outlaw meme."

As Ive said before Butch was immoral in some ways, but not stupid. Others agree.

Charlie Siringo who was involved in trying to arrest Butch Cassidy said this. "the shrewdest and most daring out law of the present age" The definition of shrewd dan in case you dont know is having or showing sharp powers of judgment; astute.

I will trust SIringo over buck any day.

    • Re: dan buck wrong againvince garcia, Mon Jun 10 5:55am
      In some ways Butch and SD were VERY stupid, the best example being their failure to cut ties with people back in the states, even keeping in contact with third rate outlaws like Andrew Duffy. They... more
      • Re: dan buck wrong againChrisV, Mon Jun 10 6:22am
        People make mistakes at some point. Including geniuses such as Einstein, Hawking, Kasparov etc... Butch made mistakes. That doesn't make him generally stupid. It makes him human.
        • Butch Cassidy and Einstein Mark A Mszanski, Mon Jun 10 4:19pm
          This is sort of a false Narrative on your part . The point is that outlaw's may be shrewd. But they have in fact chosen to be outlaws. Not exactly a smart decision by definition. Considering the... more
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