vince garcia
Re: dan buck wrong again
Mon Jun 10, 2019 5:55am

In some ways Butch and SD were VERY stupid, the best example being their failure to cut ties with people back in the states, even keeping in contact with third rate outlaws like Andrew Duffy. They should have just vanished and cut all ties. Their (probably) helping/advising the people who robbed the Banco de Tarapacá y Argentina is what did them in for good as a likely example of what happens when you keep flirting with bad elements when trying to lay low.


Was BC a stupid man overall? no

Actually, what I recalled Dan saying to me or that I saw him write (and my memory might be slightly off) is "Criminals are stupid," and in general they are whether that was an exact quote or not

  • dan buck wrong againChrisV, Mon Jun 10 5:38am
    I know big surprise right? This is from dan talking about outlaws being stupid. Ironic I must say. "Not sure I said it quite so bluntly, but I could have. I looked back at my emails and OWR posts in... more
    • Re: dan buck wrong again — vince garcia, Mon Jun 10 5:55am
      • Re: dan buck wrong againChrisV, Mon Jun 10 6:22am
        People make mistakes at some point. Including geniuses such as Einstein, Hawking, Kasparov etc... Butch made mistakes. That doesn't make him generally stupid. It makes him human.
        • Butch Cassidy and Einstein Mark A Mszanski, Mon Jun 10 4:19pm
          This is sort of a false Narrative on your part . The point is that outlaw's may be shrewd. But they have in fact chosen to be outlaws. Not exactly a smart decision by definition. Considering the... more
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