Daniel Buck
Re: Dan Buck
Mon Jun 10, 2019 11:38am

Before you get too carried away with "misquoted" and "fabrications," might my 23 Feb 2016 OWR post below be the text you are referring to? I'm not misquoting/fabricating, I'm explaining rather clearly why I think the "summer 1901" reference is wrong, that is, that the Pinkerton agent, who after all had qualified his note with "it is believed," which generally indicates the writer has something second-hand, was surmising, and that he must have meant a visit earlier in 1901, when Sundance & Ethel were in fact in NY, rather than in summer 1901, when they were not.

If you want to disagree with my interpretation, that's OK. I will forgive you. Dan

Daniel Buck
the question
Tue Feb 23, 2016 10:42am

That's the question, what put them on to the trio -- or prehaps only SK, initially -- being on the east coast in the first place? Friends out west ratting on them, postal informants? Best I can tell, looking only at original Pinkerton records, April 1902 is when the Pinkertons first wrote up SK's being on the east coast. Correct?

1/ 3 April 1902: scribbled notes from JTC -- presumably a Pinkerton agent -- in Philadelphia: "It's believed was in hospital last Summer 1901 in Buffalo, NY." Comment: reference is to SK, but season wrong, since he went to Argentina in February 1901. This is the only Pinkerton document that suggests he was in Buffalo in 1901, and should be given weight because it was written prior to documents 2/ & 3/ below.

2/ May 1902 or later: unsigned, undated, handwritten note titled, "Des of Longbaugh & wife as given by Hospital Officials who treated both in May 1902." Comment: this could be evidence that SK&EP were in Buffalo in 1902, but keep in mind the note does not say where the hospital was.

3/ 29 July 1902: "Criminal History" on "Harry Longbaugh," written by the New York Pinkerton office, saying that SK&EP were in NYC February 1901 and sailed for Argentina 20 February 1901; SK had a photo taken of himself & "the woman with him at this time by DeYoung, this city"; SK was treated at the Pierce Medical Institute in Buffalo, NY; and SK&EP returned to New York 3 April 1902, without BC.

Although we can say that SK was in NYC in February 1901, we can't say exactly when they -- all three, SK&EP&BC -- arrived from Texas, could have been late December or January, we do not know. We can also say that SK&EP were in NYC twice and maybe Buffalo twice, in early 1901 and again in spring 1902.


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    I have several friends from the UK. A few years ago a group of us of toured the UK from Manchester to Edinburgh with one of our UK friends as a guide. He arranged to have a newspaper article publish... more
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        Dan you have done some good research and will give you credit for that in a later post. But you missed here. The Pinkerton file stamped “St. Paul July 31 1902” States that SK and ET sailed for Buenos ... more
        • Careful JerryChrisV, Tue Jun 11 7:34am
          When dan gets outdone he goes into flight/fight mode. He might fight you for a little while, but he ALWAYS turns to flight. You wont hear from him for much longer. Always runs when it gets tough
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          Jerry, you done changed the subject on me. Now we're talking about the 29 July 1902 Harry Longabaugh Criminal History and ancillary matters. The reason outlaw historians get paid such handsome fees... more
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            Jerry giving you a good education.
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